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  1. During/Shortly after the initial contact, the office will schedule a meeting with our Registered Nurse free of charge.
  2. When the Registered Nurse arrives at the initial meeting, an assessment will be conducted to determine a Plan of Care that is customized for the Client.
    1. The Plan of Care consists of the assessment of the RN and the requests of the client / family.
  3. Upon completion of the Initial Assessment the Client will receive a Binder containing the Care Plan as a point of reference for our Caregivers.
  4. Before Start of Service, the Trinity In Home Care Homecare office will contact the Client/Primary Contact to inform them of the name of the Caregiver that will start services as well as discuss the monthly schedule. **If there is a change in the schedule or Caregiver the Client/Primary Contact will be contacted by the office.
  5. When the Caregiver arrives in the home/facility, they will use the Client’s phone (if available) to Clock In using the Telephony System, they will also use the same system to Clock Out at the end of their shift. QCHC can utilize tablets to document and clock in and out on.
  6. Invoices are drafted every other Monday and will be automatically drafted from a CC or bank information on file. This invoice and paid receipt will be either mailed or emailed to the responsible party on that Monday.
  7. The Registered Nurse will complete an evaluation every 30 days, free of charge, to ensure Trinity In Home Care is providing the highest quality of care and to make any changes to the Plan of Care that are necessary.

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